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Sangki Konyak, Crew, Indigo

Hailing from a remote place, I was not sure if this is something I should be happy about or it would end up in smoke like many other ambitions which did not even see the light of the day. Finally, I made up my mind to give it a try considering the fact that at least I had nothing to lose. But after my enrollment at Jettwings, a day came in my life when the last trace of doubt was removed and a whole new world of opportunities was in front of me.

Keneitseiu Kense, Crew, Air Asia

Durin my school days, subjects like Math, Science or History didn’t interest me. I knew what I wanted to be when I get older i.e. a Cabin Crew

Khininghy Luku, Crew, Air Asia

I am from a small town in Manipur where everything moves at a slow pace and nobody dares to dream of anything unfamiliar or extraordinary.

Priya Thapa, Crew, Indigo

I still remember the first day at work. I was so excited but nervous too, even after my 12 months with Jettwings. I knew that I had the job, but deep inside my heart a sense of fear was bubbling. I was afraid of something I have never known, maybe the thought that on one from my village had made it this far and I am the only one to come forward. I am thankful to the Ministry of Minority Affairs and Jettwings for my success.

Priyaka Thamang, Crew, Spicejet

As a child, I used to wonder how it feels to fly. One day I even asked: but what can mother say to such an innocuous fee. Seeing my mother silent, I said: “If ever in my life I get a chance to fly I would tell you.” And I did. After my first flight in Spicejet, I still remember a promise which I made a long time ago. “And I tried to look beneath the window whenever I got a chance to”. Thank you so much Jettwings for making my dream come true.


Recruiters Speak

Kartik Sahoo, Assistant Manager HR 

Jettwings holds the tag of being the most sought after Institute of Airlines, Hospitality, Tourism & Management that drives the youth towards it’s training and education programs. The infrastructure of Jettwings is worth mentioning which helps provide quality training for the students to do better and grow as a person in general

Agilan Ramaswamy, HR

Great students, excellent attitude and a wonderful institute.

Neha Rana, HR

Excellent faculties and training arrangements.

Julie Sachde, Vice President HR

Hope to see the same quality of students every time we visit Jettwings. We had a great time meeting all the students and the team of Jettwings. Looking forward for long term association. Thank you for your amazing hospitality.

Eason Varghese, HR

Good infrastructure for students to grow, learn and earn. Great faculty and an excellent team.

Shibani Shinde, Manager HR

Good candidates, great facility. Happy to be associated with the recruitment process at Jettwings. Jettwings campus is really an amazing place for students to grow and learn. You all have trained the students in a way that meets the requirement of our Industry. Happy to be associated with Jettwings.

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Jettwings Institute of Aviation, Hospitality and Tourism Management is a world-class institute solely focused in Quality Training and Placements into a niche segment of Hospitality, Travel & Services training complemented with quality delivery which has made Jettwings, the most sought after training institute by the recruiters and trainees.


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